Seed Cards – challenges and inspirations
for experience design

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Good design goes to heaven, bad design goes everywhere.

Mieke Gerritzen
Workshop cards
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What is it for?

The ideation phase in the service design process is a moment when you can make or break the relationship with the customer. Yet in the creative workshops it is rather hard to convince participants to think beyond the solutions they are already familiar with. Seed Cards were created to support you to come up with ideas that will make your customers love your brand.

What does the set consist of?

The Cards capture a collection of 50 inspirations describing unique ways of building value through customer experience. But we know there are plenty more great stories about companies that are bringing amazing experiences to their customers. Blank cards are there for you to add stories you consider as examples of exceptional customer experience, so that you can add your personal inspirations to the set of the Seed Cards.

The cards were created for:

  • Service designers
  • Managers who are looking for inspirations on how to become more customer-centric
  • Design Thinking coaches and instructors
  • Workshop facilitators
  • Start-ups who want to build their competitive advantage though customer experience
  • owners of small businesses, who would like to independently create services for their clients
  • students of service design, innovation management, creative leadership and UX design wondering where can I find write my paper service
  • design and creative agencies that look for tools helping them to inspire their clients

50 Inspiration Cards

Describing unique ways of building value through customer experience

10 Workshop Scenarios

Examples divided into inspiration and challenge categories


Made of high quality materials, thus it can serve for a long time

10 Blank Cards

For you to add stories you consider as examples of exceptional customer experience

a free sample

Seed Cards are perfect for all businesses looking to incorporate experience design in to their plans. My background isn't in experience design and Seed Cards have been an excellent resource as they make it simple to workshop with clients or understand better for yourself just by reading through them. Running workshops with Seed Cards forces us to think from the perspective of the consumer, to step outside of our world view and to empathise with the needs of the potential customer. This in turn has led to some great breakthroughs both from a marketing perspective but also from a product development perspective.

Gareth J C Jones. The Drawing Board, Australia

As an Experience Design practitioner, I spend a lot of time designing the ‘design process’ rather the actual solution. Sure, we have frameworks and best-practice but if you listen to your client (not only their customers) you need to make sure the you use the right tools, exercises and examples to inspire and get the job done. The "Seed Cards" are part of my reference tools when I compile my design workshop agendas and the case-study examples in the deck also serves as a great quick-reference tool to inspire members of your team during the design process (and nudge you in the right direction when the going gets tough).

Werner Puchert. Deloitte Digital, Poland
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